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Carnage is a villain in the Marvel universe, often seen fighting Spider-Man. He was originally a maniac named Cletus Kasady when he came across the offspring of Venom's symbiote costume. His philosophy is that killing is the ultimate form of empowerment. He has no end goal, no real plans, he just wants to kill, maim and slaughter. The symbiote he wears gives him insane amounts of strength, speed and endurance, dwarfing the power of both Spider-Man's and Venom's, causing the two to put aside their differences and fight him together as uneasy allies.

In M.U.G.E.N, Carnage was made by Seth Zankuten, T.O.P.S Juan Carlos, and Xasor.

Seth Zankuten's VersionEdit


The first but not most complete Carnage to exist in M.U.G.E.N, it has gameplay somewhat reminiscent of the "Marvel vs. Capcom" games.


T.O.P.S and theFuTuR3's VersionEdit


This version of Carnage seems to take quite a bit of influence from the Spider-Man comics and cartoons. That being said, it manages to be as powerful as its source material.


Xasor's versionEdit


A rather recent version of Carnage with completely custom (if not a bit unorthodox) gameplay.