Template:StubTemplate:Repair Template:Infobox character old Galactus is a fictional cosmic entity appearing in comic books by Marvel Comics.

A god-like figure, Galactus feeds by draining living planets of their energy for nourishment. He appears to humans as a giant about 28'9" tall (which can vary due to his ability to change his size).

In M.U.G.E.N, to date, there are three versions of Galactus: one by Gorjeador, one by Acey and another by Excursion. All versions are Apocalypse-sized and function as boss characters.

Gorjeador's GalactusEdit


Released for DOS M.U.G.E.N, Gorjeador's version of Galactus is the first one, but he wasn't working right and the character was full of bugs — only experienced users were able to successfully put it in their M.U.G.E.N. His only sprite is edited from a comic book scan.

Excursion's GalactusEdit


Excursion's version of Galactus is an edit of N64Mario's Apocalypse, using said character's floor. He is a spriteswap and soundswap with a few extra features. He is a decent character, but is offline from his site. However, Meep140 has actually found Excursion's Galactus, and enhanced it with an MVC3 Soundpack, including the whole character and his stage.

Acey's GalactusEdit


Acey's version is a reprogrammed version of Gorjeador's Galactus. It features a few new attacks, primarily grabbing the opponent and shooting lasers.

Video Edit

File:MUGEN Random Battle- Galactus Vs. Piccolo


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