Template:Old link Template:Stub Template:Repair Template:Infobox character old Harley Quinn is Joker's sidekick and wife in the Batman franchise. She was originally a nurse, who decided to follow Joker's path of evil and dress like a medieval joker, or a harlequin. She also goes against Batman and Robin sometimes, but like the Joker, never actually succeeds against them.

In M.U.G.E.N, Harley Quinn was made twice by Batzarro and ALEXZIQ. She is being made by Kyle108.

Batzarro's versionEdit

A version has been made by Batzarro. The link was broken, but this character has been rediscovered.

This Harley is MVC-styled, and appears to be a Rainbow Mika edit, but her stance has been altered and she has been given many new moves, including attacks similar to Blanka's Beast Roll and Cammy's Kill Bee Attack from MVC2. In addition, she wields a giant mallet, a rubber chicken, a bazooka, a multi-purpose pistol than can shoot corks, boxing gloves, and little harpoon flags with "BANG!" written on them. She can also call in Poison Ivy and her pet hyenas as strikers. She appears to have voice-overs from Batman: The Animated Series.. Though her AI isn't too brutal and some of her similarities to R. Mika are immediately apparent, she is still a fun character to play and captures the wacky feeling of the original character very well.



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