Template:MergeTemplate:Infobox character old Japanese Spider-Man, also known as Spy-Darma, Supaidā-Man, or Toei Spider-Man is a joke character of Spider-Man inspired by the 1970s tokusatsu television series in Japan.

The series follows the exploits of motorcycle racer turned super hero Takuya Yamashiro (not Peter Parker), as he slings and swings, battling the evil Iron Cross Army along the way. Japanese Spider-Man is mainly a live action hero with a giant mecha, a car, ninjas, a band, as well given cheesy or over the top entrances.

While Toei’s version of Spider-Man’s costume was based on the original, the overall plot and storyline had little to do with the Marvel character in the original canon. Due to the drastic changes made to the storyline and character settings, the series was eventually rediscovered by the Japanese internet users, opening up the door for memetic mutation.

fu-lin's versionEdit


This character is actually very cheap if his moves are done right. However, his AI is very poor, so this is mostly unlikely for him to attack you with the heavy combos he can perform. There is a patch available to make his AI stronger, but either way he's a unique character. His band super causes him to lose health, but gains him a new winpose. It also has a misaligned hyper spark.


File:Striker Spider Man by Miku.png
  • Yu-Toharu's Hatsune Miku has a super move that summons a random-selected character from many Japanese memes. This Spider-Man is one of them, and his ability allows him to swap the health of the fighters.
  • If the enemy blocks his car super once, it can no longer hurt the opponent.
  • Strangely, he can throw Poison Mushrooms from Super Mario Bros 2: The Lost Levels.
  • One of his intros can let him attack before the round begins.


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