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Omega Red is a supervillain from the Marvel Comics, or more specifically, in the X-Men comics. Omega Red was known as a serial killer born in Russia was taken by Interpol and put in testing to make a super-soldier like Captain America. He was given superhuman strength, speed, stamina, etc. He also has metal tentacles coming from his arms.

In M.U.G.E.N, Omega Red has been made by various authors. Template:TOC

OnslaughtX's versionEdit

File:OnslaughtX Omega Red stance.gif

An incomplete and ancient version of Omega Red, this is a 6-button character with only 1 Special and 1 Hyper.


Kong's versionEdit

File:Kong's O red.gif

This Omega Red uses all six buttons and features sourced sprites. As a Kong creation, it features configurable difficulty settings.


Cyanide's versionEdit

File:Cyanide Omega Red Stance.gif

A 6-button Omega Red with fancy hyper backgrounds and smooth play-ability. It features an easy to beat A.I.


ZVitor's versionEdit

File:Zvitor's O red.gif

ZVitor's Omega Red uses Kong's sprite rips with an altered palette set. This version features two unique hypers and one unique special.


aa250's versionEdit

File:Aa250's O red.gif

Another 6-button Omega Red character that also happens to be fun to play as and against.


Iwakick's versionEdit

File:Iwakick Omega Red Stance.gif

A 4-button character with 2 assist characters. It closely emulates the Marvel vs Capcom 2 experience minus the mid-fight character switching.