• No copy and pasting from other sites or pages! You may site sources, but you are NOT allowed to copy and paste information on this wikia. Anything of the sort will result in a block from this wikia.
  • Be kind and considerate to your fellow users, do not use words or say things that may offend others intentionally. Any of that will result in 3 warnings and then you may be banned.
  • Speak with correct spelling and correct words. Do not put in words like "u shuld chek ou dis char it cool cuz it jmps" any of that will result in warnings then blocks.
  • Do not spam! You will be blocked immediately!
  • You are not allowed to advertise any products you have by creating pages dedicated to it. Those pages will be deleted and it also may result in a warning.
  • When adding a char, you cannot add a char to the page if the char isn't released. You may only state that there is one in the making, but other than that you cannot state anything else, or create an entire Char page about it.
  • No inappropiate images should be uploaded to this wikia, even if it's only for a user page. The uploader will be give only one warning, then if the person uploads another one, they will be blocked.