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Shuma Gorath is a Marvel Comics character and one of Dr. Strange's foes. He is a extradimensional warlord and lovecraftian horror who wants to conquer our dimension and add it to the incountable amount of dimensions under his control. He was made into a fighting character in Capcom's Marvel Super Heroes, later appearing in Marvel Super Heroes Vs Street Fighter, Marvel Vs Capcom 2 and Marvel Vs Capcom 3.

In M.U.G.E.N, Shuma-Gorath was made by Qkrtkf, Sludge, ゴマ, Basara-kun and Cyanide.

Qkrtkf's versionEdit


Qkrtkf's version is based off his Marvel Super Heroes appearance, with the purple palette as the default and a gem system implemented.


Sludge's versionEdit


Sludge's version is based off his MvSF and MvC2 appearances, though his Mystic Stare was changed into a regular projectile. It was made for the Super Marvel vs. Capcom: Eternity of Heroes project.


ゴマ's versionEdit


ゴマ's version is a improvement of Sludge's version, with the Mystic Stare fixed, many bugs of the original corrected and an agressive AI added. It comes with two separated defs: one for his MSH voice, and one for his MvC3 voice.


Cyanide's versionEdit


Cyanide's version is based off his MvSF appearance. It is mostly source accurate, though it adds the Hyper Mystic Ray (complete with new custom sprites) as a bonus.


Basara-kun's versionEdit


Basara-kun's version is a version of Shuma-Gorath with custom gameplay, with features from all of his various appearances and the voice of UMVC3. It was released in beta state in 2012, with some moves still not implemented, though a finalized version was released during 2014, adding in all moves that were absent in its previous release.


Azathoth (Edit)Edit

A very cheap Shuma-Gorath was made, it's strong enough in it's 12P to kill Chuck Norris and other characters with ease (it uses null and will take a while to load). It's first palette can beat Rare Akuma, but can still be beaten with other characters.



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