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The Joker (or simply Joker) is a familiar villain in the DC comics "Batman". Batman usually fights the Joker and the Penguin with his sidekick, Robin.

In M.U.G.E.N, The Joker has been made several times, each capturing a different design of The Joker from different eras of Batman. The most commonly known version is by Magus, and includes his classic look and his classic attacks, like the wind-up chattery teeth and the seltzer water.

Magus's JokerEdit

File:Char joker.gif

Magus' Joker was the first, and for some time, the only Joker character available; because of this, this version is the most well-known and most seen. Like Magus' Batman character, his Joker's appearance and attacks are based off the classic era of Batman. This version is only for M.U.G.E.N 0.75 and is considered one of the most elite M.U.G.EN character without any super abilities. A patch for M.U.G.E.N 1.0 has been released and there when fighting The Dark Knight M.U.G.E.N character, he says: "Oh!Bats..Bats..Bats!Remember What I did to your Talia,The Oracle Bitch and y`all?HAHHAHA!" in which Batman gets super angry and becomes Bizzaro Batman which is totally considered cheap.

However the patch is only available from browsing through

Fervicante's JokerEdit


This Joker (also known as Joker TAS) was made by Fervicante. He is a tribute to The Joker from the Batman animated series by speaking with Mark Hamil's voice. He is an edit of Oswald from King of Fighters XI, however, with an original moveset like throwing cards and bombs, shooting his gun, or spraying his gas.

MarvelVSDCU's JokerEdit


MarvelVSdcu's version of Joker, like Fervicante's version, is an edit of Ahuron's Oswald. This version, however, is less edited in comparison. Still retaining all of Oswald's moves, it has a few new moves like the Joker Fish and the Harley Quinn striker, but they are poorly implimented into the character, and look nothing like the so called "fluid spritework" that was mentioned in the Readme.

Sic-1's versionEdit

File:Sic-1's Joker.gif

Sic-1's version doesn't have as many moves as the other versions, but is arguably closer to Marvel VS Capcom style than the others. He comes equiped with his punch gun, his joker bombs, his ballon dynamite, and his shocking palm. His voice comes from Mortal Kombat VS DC Universe. His sprites are edits of Remy from Street Fighter 3: Third Strike.



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