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War Machine (real name James Rhodes) is a character often found in Iron Man comics. As such, he has helped Iron Man fight many of his enemies. He uses one of Tony Stark's famous iron suits, but heavily modified to fire more traditional weaponry, such as rockets, flamethrowers, and the like. Rhodes initially donned the iron suit to battle Magma when Stark turned to alcoholism due to the debt that Stark industries was in.

In M.U.G.E.N, War Machine has been made by various creators.


Akiraz's versionEdit


This version of Rhodes' alter ego seems to be somewhat poorly ripped from Marvel vs. Capcom, but at least shows a bit of effort from the creator, as it still is able to preform all of its moves from the source and use some combos, albeit very limited ones.


War Machine's versionEdit


Apparently, it seems as if War Machine coded itself for M.U.G.E.N. If that was true, that wouldn't change the fact that this version seems to deviate from Marvel vs. Capcom quite a bit; the core gameplay may be similar, but it can summon three key members of the Avengers. There also seem to be some sneaky infinites.


One Winged Angel's versionEdit


A rather accurate portrayal of both War Machine's first Marvel vs. Capcom appearance as well as its Sunday best.




This version attempts to be close to Marvel vs. Capcom 2, but it is muddled with several notable inaccuracies.


MelvanaInChains's Ghetto War MachineEdit

Template:Main File:Cashmoneyfamecash.gif

This version is a joke character version of War Machine, made to be styled like a typical African-American. It has a vastly different moveset and gameplay, as well as sprites and sound effects.



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